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Matches in dataset index for { ?s ?p This sci-fi story centers around Ricky, a Zero Man raised by humans in Tokyo. Zero Men are very similar to humans, but their intelligence and strength is far greater, while also sharing similar characteristics to squirrels. When Ricky finds out that the Zero Men are planning to go to war with the human race, it’s up to him to try and put a stop to the conflict and save his adopted family. Note: 0 Man is a Shounen manga created by Osamu Tezuka that was serialized from September 13th, 1959 to December 11th, 1960. In 1968, a four-minute pilot was made by Mushi Productions in the hopes that the series would be picked up and turned into its own show, much like what was done with Kimba the White Lion and Astro Boy. However, due to budget constraints, it was cancelled. The pilot has not surfaced since, however material such as concept art and storyboards have been found. ?g. }

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